プロフィール 東京都出身 文化女子大学にて油絵、彫刻、デッサン基礎、色彩学、陶芸などを学んだ後、海外で留学をしながら独自で イラスト製作、研究に励む。

Inky Illustration Agency(イギリス)アーティストエージェンシー所属

2012年 ニューヨークギャラリーにてグループ展参加

2012年 イタリア グループ展参加

2013年 Azuldecobalts Storyの本にて作品掲載出版記念パーティー(ベルリン)にて作品出展

2014年 9月に国際展示場で開催された食品開発展に出展された企業様のタペストリーをデザイン制作

2015年 原宿 IKIBA(粋場)にて合同ワークショップにて作品展示・販売

Ever since she was a young girl, Rie has used art as a means to free her emotions in everyday life. Her passion for art has led her to pursue various techniques and methods of expression. At Bunka Gakuen University in Japan, she studied the different forms such as oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, and ceramics. After university, she has continually enhanced her drawing construction techniques and skills. Having had exhibitions in New York and Italy, she is hoping that her artwork spreads across the world to decorate peoples lives.

“Art isn’t just about the visual sensations. The heart of it is about the emotions and how we feel when enjoying it. I hope that when people see my artwork, it makes them happy, relaxed, and have fun.”

– Rie Nguyen

    2012 Jan   group exhibition at Ouchi Galley in N.Y.
    2012 July  group exhibition at Sala dei Templari in Italy.
    2014 Sep   Designed tapestry for the company which took part in a Health Ingredients Japan 2014
    2015 Sep   group exhibition at IKIBA in Japan